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Lee Lawyers is an innovative firm, specialising in: compensation claims, insurance law, civil litigation and mediation.  We take a fresh, creative and dynamic approach to legal solutions.

The Lee Lawyers team are together an expert, family-owned business.  Client care is important to us.  Lee Lawyers does more than advise, we partner with clients.  Our highly-credentialed staff is focused on: personal communication with clients, cost efficiencies and results.

We harness extensive industry and local knowledge, have leading technology, communicate in plain English and are results-driven.  Make our capabilities your own.  Please call for a no-obligation appointment.

NDIS and NIIS | A Quick Guide

What do the letters mean? NDIS – stands for “National Disability Insurance Scheme”.  It is a Federal scheme. NIIS – stands for “National Injury Insurance Scheme”.  It is a State based scheme based on nationally agreed terms.   NDIS – what does it do?...
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No warm up, No inclinometer, No worries

Thuong v Liu & Anor [2017] QDC 196 Two medical experts for the injured person found impairment, ongoing pain and impact on ability to work. The medical expert for the insurer found no impairment, little to explain ongoing pain and no impact on the...
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Care and consideration – is another uplift warranted in injury claims?

I recently had the task of advising a client on another firm’s costs agreement in a speculative no win no fee injury claim. The usual provisions applied – hourly rate charging, plus an uplift of 25% should the claim be successful, with payment only to be...
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Insurer Says: Get Your Medical Report First

A key battleground in the progress of a personal injury claim is for both sides to get their medical expert reports arranged.  As the picture heading cheekily hints, sadly, there is not much love in this battleground, as so much of the claim depends on the opinions of...
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Host Employer | An Employer Duty of Care?

Love v North Goonyella Coal Mines Pty Ltd [2017] QSC140 FACTS Mr. Love (the Plaintiff) was an employee for Wilson Mining Services who had hired their labour out to North Goonyella Coal Mines (the Defendant). Wilson Mining were not the only contractors at the site....
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No Lost Income | Still Awarded $40k Future Lost Earnings

Costin v Copson & Anor [2017] QDC 183   OVERVIEW This is a decision of His Honour Reid DCJ of 28 June 2017 in which an award of $40,000 inclusive of superannuation was made to a male aged almost 53, with little evidence of any past lost income or time away...
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