Insurance Law and Claims

Personal Insurance

Modern insurance policy documents are long, complex and difficult to understand. Disputes about level of cover are common, but there is no need to settle for less than what you signed up for.

We are experienced in ‘first party’ insurance matters including: life insurance, TPD, income replacement, property damage, business interruption (consequential losses), machinery breakdown and marine insurance (hull and cargo). Our firm has represented many clients with major claims involving fire, storm & tempest, flood and theft.

Lee Lawyers is also experienced in managing the defence of liability or ‘third party’ claims in: public liability, product liability, professional indemnity, director and officer (management) liability.

Income Protection and TPD

Often, one’s greatest asset is the ability to stay in work and earn income. Success or failure in such insurance claims can be life-changing.

We are experienced in managing both Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) and Income Protection (IP) claims. Terms and conditions of such insurance range widely – within superannuation group policies, cover obtained individually or via a life insurance broker. We have successfully prosecuted many claims including for ‘own occupation’ and ‘any occupation’ cover types.

Such claims can be contested vigorously by insurers so it is necessary to have a highly credentialed lawyer on your side. Our principal has practised as both a claims officer and an underwriter so understands both sides of the insurance business. He remains an ANZIIF Certified Insurance Profession, which is rare among lawyers acting for plaintiffs.

Compensation Claims

This firm does not have movie stars or advertise on television and radio. However it is the firm to which other lawyers refer their own clients.

We long-standing success in managing third party claims involving motor vehicles, work and public liability.

Usual payment terms apply for our fees.

If you are looking for professional, not brash and greedy, this is your firm.

Commercial Insurance

We are one of few insurance law firms that does not act for insurers. Our principal Ross Lee is a former loss adjuster and remains an ANZIIF certified insurance professional.

Legal teams are increasingly under pressure to deliver more for less. To address these challenges, Lee Lawyers works in close partnership with our clients to bring legal services innovation: legal technology, on-site meetings and mediations.

Workers' Compensation Defence

Lee Lawyers is often approached by employers regarding possible fraudulent / overstated claims. We give our clients the inside running as our principal is a former loss adjuster about not only the claim but also, proactive risk management legal advice to prevent future problems.

As the rules and regulations are always changing in the workplace, employers find our legal services very helpful. Penalties and damages claims against businesses not insured for workers compensation can be severe and lead to insolvency.

We have extensive experience with WorkCover Queensland, appeals to the Workers’ Compensation Regulator (formerly Q-Comp), the Medical Assessment Tribunal and the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission (QIRC).

Body Corporate and Strata Title

Many body corporate committee members and lot owners require expert assistance to know their rights and duties to insure – and to ensure those statutory obligations are properly met.

Queensland bodies corporate are required by legislation to insure all owned property for full replacement value and insure fully against public risk. We are able to provide clients a full insurance law gap analysis report.

Managing insurance brokers tendering for your business is a special interest. Our clients include several with sums insured over $500 million.

Our staff is happy to manage, create savings and add value for strata insurance cover purchases, either with or without a broker. As we are insurance lawyers, not brokers, we are fully independent of commissions paid by insurers.

We are also able to expertly manage claims, including resolving disputes on negotiated (or litigated) terms. Our principal is a senior lawyer and nationally-accredited mediator.