No Win - No Fee

For compensation claims, Lee Lawyers offers a speculative “No Win – No Fee” Client Agreement.  That is: our professional fees are payable on successful outcome of the matter.

What is a “successful outcome”?

It is either a successful outcome by negotiation or a court hearing.

Do you offer "No Win - No Fee" on all your matters?

Lee Lawyers only offers “No Win – No Fee” terms for speculative compensation claims where we believe prospects are good. In cases where results are remarkable we may also charge an uplift of up to 25%.

We offer good fee rates but not “No Win – No Fee” terms for civil dispute resolution matters.

How does Lee Lawyers charge professional fees compared with other firms?

Generally, Lee Lawyers charges on a time recording, work in progress basis.  On some matters we are able to fix professional fees.

Our advantage in fees billed for compensation claims is how professional time is recorded in the first place: As a specialist ’boutique’ firm, Lee Lawyers does not have a team of lawyers charging time to a Client’s matter, but rather one expert practitioner supported by cutting edge technology.

Does Lee Lawyers offer litigation loans for legal disbursements?

We believe litigation loans are prone to adding unnecessary expense to compensation claim matters due to application fees and higher interest rates.

Instead Lee Lawyers suggests clients try to fund disbursements themselves but we are happy to put legal disbursements on the firm credit card.  Those expenses are passed on to our clients at cost.

Does Lee Lawyers charge an uplift on fees?

Lee Lawyers may charge an uplift on fees of up to 25% for “no win – no fee” matters were the result is remarkably good.  We always discuss this with our client first.

Does Lee Lawyers compy with the 50/50 Rule?

Of course, Lee Lawyers complies with the Legal Profession Act 2007 “50/50 Rule” for those “no win – no fee” matters.

That is: the maximum professional fees (including GST) charged to the Client will be no more than 50% of judgment or settlement, less the sum of (refunds + disbursements).  What a client will receive in hand will be at least equal to (but usually much better than) what Lee Lawyers charges in fees.

What if I disagree with part or parts of a Lee Lawyers bill?

Well first, give us a ring… we are always happy to discuss the solicitor and client relationship.

While lawyers probably have never been cheap, Lee Lawyers’ bill queries are easily resolved by discussion.  If not, we send our file for independent costs assessment, at our expense and allowing the client to choose the assessor.

Lee Lawyers values its reputation for being the law firm other lawyers refer their clients, friends and family.

What if I leave Lee Lawyers?

In the rare circumstances where a Client decides to leave Lee Lawyers, we agree a fair transition arrangement, allowing the Client to try another firm.