Practice Areas

Compensation Claims

If you want an insurance compensation firm that does not advertise or treat clients as a number, you have found the right firm. We enjoy results in motor vehicle, work and public liability claims. Due to our staff’s extensive history, working in-house with insurers, our clients have an unfair advantage.

Wills and Estate Planning

The value and complexity of most estates are increasing. It is worth retaining an independent lawyer to draft a will or more comprehensively plan an estate.

Commercial Litigation

Challenging though it may be, litigation is frankly sometimes necessary to deal with certain business problems and people causing them.

TPD and Income Protection Claims

With the reduction of claimant rights in third party claims, comes an increase in first party insurance cover in life, TPD and income protection. This firm is long known as a firm to which other lawyers refer the most high value and complex matters.

Enduring Powers of Attorney

As one is still living, how one draws up an Enduring Power of Attorney may have considerable influence over how one lives, especially with impaired legal capacity. We have experience in how to best approach making such arrangements.


Our principal solicitor has been a nationally-accredited mediator since 2013 and resolved countless disputes of many kinds.

Business Insurance

Usually, a major insurance event will interrupt a business’ trading performance. Following property damage, we are particularly adept in making the most for clients in areas of additional policy benefits and business interruption claims.

Guardianship and Administration

Assessment of legal capacity is very much considered in context, such as for: dealing with financial affairs, making a will, making a gift, litigating, entering into a contract, voting, being in personal relationships, criminal law, medical treatment and for Powers of Attorney.  We have extensive experience in this area.

Body Corporate

Body corporate life was not meant to be easy but with your courage and our dispute resolution methods it will be better; delightful even. It is a matter of knowing and taking advantage of the statutes and rules. We apply proper legal and importantly, emotional intelligence.

Insurance Claims Preparation

Following a major event such as fire, flood or storm, it makes sense to have experienced professionals adjust and prepare the insurance claim. Those costs are generally covered in the commercial insurance policy, and often allowed in personal insurance contracts.

Probate, Letters of Administration  and Estate Management

Issues of legal capacity such as for Powers of Attorney, personal Guardianship and/or financial Administration require careful, expert advice.

Building and Construction

Building management and resolving construction disputes can be detailed work. As our staff has extensive experience with onsite assessment and liability surveying, we know and solve the problems.

Legal Risk Management

Our principal solicitor is a former Loss Adjuster in the field and Certified Insurance Professional. We have advised many businesses about how to manage legal liability risks, procure and maintain public liability insurance, including: bodies corporate, adventure tourism and products manufacturers.

Estate Disputes, Family Provision Applications

We are experienced in both prosecuting and defending applications for further and better provision from an estate, wills rectification, declarations and other orders about wills.

Solicitor Ethics Mentoring

Our principal solicitor has been a Queensland Law Society senior counsellor since 2013.  He is extensively trained, experienced and credentialed to mentor both those who are already admitted solicitors and also those wishing to become admitted.

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